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This is the sixth volume in the Record of Wortenia War light novel series.


Having become the Baron of the Wortenia peninsula, Ryoma Mikoshiba seeks to broaden his influence. And yet, Ryoma learns that Count Salzberg seeks to take advantage of him. Ryoma exploits the count's weaknesses and strikes a deal that earns him his full cooperation. He then sets out to suppress the peninsula itself with the slaves he liberated, but an unexpected encounter awaits him in the lands of Wortenia... The fantasy story of a summoned man's journey to domination reaches its sixth volume!


* Cover Color 
* Illustrations Prologue 
* Chapter 1: Negotiations 
* Chapter 2: In Search of New Power 
* Chapter 3: The Invasion of the East 
* Chapter 4: To the Peninsula  
* Chapter 5: Merciless Hellfire 
* Epilogue 
* Afterword 
* Bonus Short Story


Adaptation notes[]

Chapter 34~ of the manga coincides with the end of the epilogue. With Simone Christof and Ryouma Mikoshiba meeting in Ephiros