Wortenia Senki Wiki

Hello everyone. Lurkers and contributors both.

So I’ve successfully adopted this wikia, and started to make some changes. While it will be a learning curve for me to some extent, I’m hoping it will shape up over time.

Something about me… well, I’m a lover of books, so much so that I’ve subscribed to JNC’s premium membership club. I can read, I guess, 10 volume in 3~weeks so yeah, full on readaholic.

Imwas never into Asian content really, other than the occasional Yugio episode proofreader Bwy Blades episode with the niece. I DO RECALL watching Japanamation tho when I was little… Robotech etc.

Manga, anime, and light novels tho? It wasn’t even really on my radar. It changed when I ran up against Sekirei a few years ago. Dragged my ass kicking and screaming into manga for more of the story, and from there, more series, which ended dragging my ass full on into light novels… I’ve not looked back since.

As for this wikia, I’ve started making some minor changes, like the top navigation to be a bit more inclusive and compact. Also, I opted to test the new theme. Let me know your thoughts.

Lend a hand please, in fleshing out the content!