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Welcome to the community portal for Wortenia Senki Wiki! This is an old wiki that needs a ton of information, so it could definitely do with a lot of work. Below are some ways you can get involved with this wiki!

New to wikis?

Don't be shy! Everyone is allowed to contribute to a wiki. Even if you feel like your knowledge on the subject matter is low, wikis always have tasks that don't require series knowledge such as proofreading, navigation, or general clean-up.

Check out the guides and how to contribute pages. These overarching pages are a good resource for how to get started editing wikis if you are unfamiliar with the system we use, Mediawiki.

It is suggested to migrate from using Visual Editor to Source Editor as soon as possible, as Visual Editor has a few nuances that can make it clunky to use.

Suggested Areas for focus

Article stubs
Articles in this category need to have their information expanded upon! If you recall any additional information, feel free to edit the pages in this category.
See {{Infobox character}} for creating a new character infobox. Fill in as many details as you can, but don't worry if not all the parameters are filled! Someone else may come around and work on it, as well.
Many of the characters also need information filled in.
There are many different locations in Record of Wortenia War, with lots details that make each area different from each other.
Events is a category that needs to be completely filled in. Summaries, infoboxes, character involvement and more! This section will involve creating many new pages.
If you have an idea for a new infobox, feel free to suggest one on the Wiki Manager's wall, or, if you feel confident, check out Help:Infoboxes and try your hand at making one yourself!
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