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Ryouma Mikoshiba is the main protagonist of Wortenia Senki.

Appearance & Personality[]

Despite only being 16 years old Ryouma is quite tall and muscular. Ryouma has no remorse for people who have any kind of malicious intent towards him, he's not one that likes to be played with.



Before he was summoned to another world he was taught deadly martial arts despite living in a peaceful Japan.

Weapons and Armaments[]

  • Ryouma’s First Sword — a sword personally crafted to Ryouma by Gresen it is better than a sword forge by casting.
  • Chakuram —
  • Manrikagusari —
  • Ryouma’s Second Sword — a Sword That he relset the fisrst sword it’s Sword wars forge by casting it wars laaser to first sword.
  • Kikoku — a katana forged by a master craftsman, and capable of matching even the most fabled of Japanese katanas. Received from the Igasaki Clan.

Abilities & Powers[]

Even before being summoned to another world was trained in various deadly martial arts and taught to have no mercy, Ryouma was capable of easily killing armored foot soldiers.

In this new world, a person can absorb a portion of someone or something's strength by killing them. After coming to this new world Ryouma killed dozens of people and absorbing their strength.


Rora & Sara Malfist[]

Rora and Sara became Ryouma's Battle Slaves after they preformed a blood oath to free them from their previous master's enslavement.