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Asuka Mikoshiba (Or Asuka Kiryuu) is the cousin of Ryouma Mikoshiba

Appearance & Personality[]

Her hair is black. She was an attractive young woman with willful black eyes. 170 centimeters tall. Asuka Kiryuu was graced with an attractive face and well-formed figure, as well as a sharp, keen head on her shoulders.

She was friendly and amicable, and didn’t come off as a snob, either. This winning combination made her one of the more popular girls in school. She excelled at cooking, and she was capable when it came to cleaning, laundry and handicraft, among other housework. She was, in many ways, perfect. True, she could be strict when it came to managing a budget, but that just meant she had a sense for economics; it couldn’t be really seen as a point against her.


Abilities & Powers[]


Ryouma Mikoshiba - Third cousins

Kouichiro Mikoshiba - Otherwise known as “Gramps”, Second Uncle(?)